COMFORT FOOD in honour of Joop

The fresh cut Mushroom Adam en Ans Korenhof brought to me.
Last week, my father Joop van Berkum passed away. So tonight, tired, worn out and somewhat drenched, I decided it was a good night for CF. Nostalgic, tasteful comfort food, full of calories and easy to bite. Yesterday I got, from dear friends Adam and Ans Korenhof, 6 kg super fresh sliced ​​Chestnut Mushrooms from the caves of Eben-Emael in Belgium. For the nostalgic piece I should put them on a piece of freshly baked and toasted bread (so did my late father) but the risotto was also waiting for me on the stove. So lo and behold, a super combination was born!


Put a dash of good olive oil in a skillet and put it on a high flame to heat well. Put the coarsely chopped mushrooms in and quickly sear over high heat for 3 minutes. (Do not let them bake too long, because all moisture will come out and you get yourself a stew Duxelle) After 2 minutes put in a truly lavish abundance of freshly cut parsley (Parsley gives you a shot of energy and chives just give you taste ) and bake them brown. Spread the mushrooms over the risotto with fresh pepper and a pinch of salt.