Oh dear, a subject close to my heart. This week one of Hollands most famous and therefore most loved/hated food critics passed away. Johannes van Dam was specially in Amsterdam a man well known one could say. Some called him Mr Croquett and that's what I will remember him by. His face, childlike happy ready to bite a "kroket"
I do not like critics. I remember from my theatre days, running to the newsagent and tearing the newspaper apart in order to read what mr X thought of our performance. The amount of stress and adrenaline running through your body is ridiculous, just because this creature did have a reputation.  Why not be positive about things? I really love when people recommend something. You then go of with am attitude of " Hmmmmm i'm going in for a treat.

So let's talk about treats. My mother was a soo called hook-line and sinker fan of Kwekkeboom, a speciallity Paticier in Amsterdam. Well known for there Kidney rolls and croquetten. Our big love was the Shrimp croquet. We could eat till we burst, but sadly that never happened. They where rather expensive ......

This morning, after preparing early breakfast for a film shoot of Kemna Casting, I had some spare time on my hands and decided to wander of into memmoryland. Because of the passing of Mr Kroket and the sweet memory's of days gone by when I sat down with my mother at Dam square watching the Pigeons and nibbling a hot steaming Shrimp Croquet, I decided to have a go for the shrimp croquetten. They are actually simple to make, a bit messy, but so delicious, you really have to try!

400 gram Dutch shrimps, the small grey ones, NOT the shiny pink ones please!!!
100 gram Flour
2 egg yokes
roughly 50 gram milk
roughly 50 grams white wine
a lump of butter
freshly ground pepper
1 handfull corsly chopped parsley
oil for the fryer
2 stems of Celleriac diced into mini bits.

Now, the secret lies in the roux you have to make. A roux is a sauce base you make with butter, flower and milk. The result should be shiny, white and not to tough.
In a pot, melt the butter. Carefull to let it not burn! it should'nt turn brown! Put the flower in the melted butter and stir well. Let it slowly amalgamate into one white substance which loosens from the pot. Put in the milk, a bit at a time. Keep stirring and let boil for about 3 minutes. This is important, otherwise you'r Ragu will taste like flower, and that's really not nice at all.
Take the pot of the fire, put in egg yolks, salt, pepper and keep stirring. Put in the shrimps and gently mix them in the ragu.

                Ragu                  Beaten egg       Breadcrums

On a plate, spread out some breadcrumbs. On an other plate beat up 3 eggs. Take a small amount of the shrimp ragout, roll through the breadcrumbs, through the egg and to finish it of once more through the breadcrumbs.

Let the oil heat up to 180C and in 8 to 10 minutes fry them golden brown. Serve with fried parsley, a slice of lemon and some Tarragon mustard (Thanks Nanda Schmidt for the tip) Smakelijk eten!