LIQUER brewing away

Verbena                           Zwijntje uit de boght                     Rozneblaadjes Rosolio

Yesterday the weather was foul and asked for indoor activity. No Problem! Lots to do. I prepared the Verbena liquer, the Italian subtle flavoured Rosolio, made from tons of rose petals and I started to prepare something I will cal " Zwijntje uit de boght" translated into "Wild boar goes into a skid" I hope it's going to be a blend of a sweat and savoury taste, a good liquer finishing off a autumn dinner of game.

After 10 minutes, all color is gone form the rose petals and the fluid is already turning a soft pink. the verbena has'n changed at all ad the wild boar is what it should be, brown and murky. So I only have toe be patient, shake at certain intervals and taste now and them. I'll keep you up-to date.

It' s about 10 weeks later now and al goes well. After my return from Italy, I will finish them. It will be great fun.