Risotto with braised lamb and chestnut mushrooms

My favorite time of day is early morning. No hassle, hardly any sounds, meeting friendly people while pulling the dog along the rainy streets (yes, she rather stays in her basket so I have to pull)
I stretch, walk through the house and immediately think of Quiche. Why? I really do not know. Probably the thought of crusty warmth with savory cream. Yep, it's comfortfood time again.
Last week I had seventeen giggling girls over for dinner in the garden. They where really A-MA-ZING. So nice, helpful and very appreciative about the meal. They where celebrating Joëlle's wedding to be and booked a Private dinner party.

I made them:
Selection of Regional Organic Cheese
with Belgium Chestnut mushrooms, blue cheese, Gewurztraminer accompanied by
Braised Organic Lamb
from the Schapenstreek in Mint sauce.

So, this morning I treated myself to a nice quiche. Its so simple to make and sooooo good. Part of the enjoyment is in the baking, the smell of cheese and pastry in the oven, makes something in your brain go "umpf", kind of Endorfin which is produced in our "Septum Pedicum" whenever eating or doing something great (also a pain restrictor, but that's another cup of tea).

Of course, Risottp calls for passion, oozing, dripping and splashing in pink clouds of love and tenderness. Risotto is flavor, Risotto is tradition and even more so, risotto is Italian. I'm Dutch, I can not help being Dutch, I was born so. Come to think of it, Im quite proud and pleased to be Dutch. But I'm also a food lover and I love good things to eat, So therefore I love the Italian way of cooking and I love, yes, indeed, I love Risotto. 
I will tell you a secret, I little fact of my way of cooking. I like to invent shortcuts which lead to the same result. Call me mrs. Shortcut for all you want, I don't mind, as long as I produce a dish whereby people exclaim, that they are in heaven. 
So here is MY Risotto.

Coarsly chop the mushrooms and Parsley and put them on the side.
Grate some Parmegianno
Crueh black peppercorns
Pour in a good wallop of Virigin olive oil
Heat it gently.

When it's about 50 degrees (Yes indeed, you SHOULD have bought a thermometer by now!): Put in the risotto rice. With lots of attention, whisk the oil through the rice, covering every grain with the golden liquid. As soon as the grains start slightly browning, pour in a bottle of dry white wine, or several bits you have left over from a party or dinner. The rice should be swimming in the moist. Put the heat down, lid on and leave to simmer for 20 minutes, checking regularly and stirring now and then.

Keep checking the grains. When they are tender, but not soft, bite ready, immediately turn the heat down. Put the parsley, mushrooms, Parmegiano and fresh ground peppercorns into the risotto and "fold" them gently in with lots of love, thinking of the people you'r going to serve this treat. Just before serving, put in the Creme Fraiche, some madeira wine and put on the lid.

With the help of a good size round cookie cutter, you put a nice round portion of Risotto on every plate. On top a couple of mushrooms or some kind of meat. 
Call your friends for supper. I'm sure they will ask you: "Ne voglio ancora" (may I have some more please)