Grace, the girls and my in front of Caro Kookt
"Arrrgh" a sound I can vividly remember from my days in England when we went for a tript to Scotland. For me Scotland resembles sturdy meals, walking in the hills, laughter and very friendly, open people always in for a chat and good stories.
I was therefore more than delighted when last year I recieved a mail from Grace from Scotland, who would be tarveling to Amsterdam for a day visit with her six friends asking for lunch posibilitys in my kitchen. Now what would I serve these Scottisch girls? Of course a mixture of both Scottish and Dutch cuisine. 
I decided on oven Asparagus, soft roast potatoes and a juicy salmonsteak, finished of by a Portugese Cream Pasty. "Not very Dutch" I hear you say. But it is, Asparagus have been a Dutch delicasy sinds long and it's name "white gold" explains why I like using them whenever in season. I use tons of them and I always prepare them in my oven.

It turned out a hugh succes. Soon my petite city garden was filled with roaring laughter and screems of joy. Eager bever Sander, my alway "in for a party" neighbour, could just restrain himself form playing the Scottish National Anthem over his Hifi system. If only his would have done so, I'm pretty sure they would have loved it!

Out of the oven, put them on a plate in front of you and close your eyes. Nothing can beet the aroma of fresh oven roasted asparagus!

for 4 persons (6 p.p)

24 thick and white ASPARAGUS
Olive oil
Malden Seasalt (corse sealsalt)
No wine !!!!

Peel the asparagus, but do not cut of the bottom bits, it prevents them from drying in the oven. Put the asparagus on a roasting tin, sprinkle olive oli on them, specially on the delicate tops. No need for other ingredients like white wine or lemon juice. Just simpy nothing!. Put them in the oven for about 30 to 45 minutes on 170 C, just untill the tops are turning nice golden brown and the asparagus are soft and just a little glazy.

Serve them with sealsalt and some rosemary/sage or saffron butter. You could put 2 slices of thick cut roastbeef or buffel mozzarella with them and of course, a fresh hard boiled egg.

Saluti and Cin cin!