Every fridaynight I host a open dinner at my kitchentable. Last night I had some interesting visitors joining me. Jenny Pakradooni, foodblogger (the table of contents) also joined us together with her mother from Pennsylvania. This evening I presented a scumptious chicken dish. I call it my Greek chicken. It is a simple dish, but the stuffing and way of presenting it makes it special.
For this dish, please use an organic raised chicken. They not only taste the best, but they have had a good life. Good life means good food on your plate.

4 Persons
INGREDIENTS 1 Free range chicken, Olive oil, 1 lemon, quartered, 3 spoons of fresh Thyme, finely cut, 3 spoons of fresh Rosemary, finely cut, 5 spoons of spearmint, corsley cut, 2 good pinches of Corse Seasalt

For the stuffing
Muesli, oatmeal
1 egg
juice of 1 lemon

Mix oatmeal, herbs, egg and breadcrumbs with 100ml of hot water and let stand for 10 minutes. You should end up with a solide substance for stuffing.

Rub in the chicken with olive oil, and sprinkle the thyme and rosemary over the chicken. Put in a basting tin and slow roast the chicken. I always take a long time, basting the chicken with its own moist and sometimes basting it with a little white sweet wine. 
After an hour, cover the chicken with a lid or foil and let it stand for 10 minutes.

With a big clever, cut the chicken in six equal pieces and position it on a wooden board for presenting it a table. Put the quartered lemons in between and voila! Enjoy!