A great dish inspired by the classic Eggs Benedict. It is not totally clear where this rather voluptuous recipe actually originated from, England or the United States of America. The British cookbook Mrs Beeton's book of household management 1861, does mention a Hollandaise sauce as an accompaniment for Benedictine. Probably after she read or tasted it somewhere. The New york couple Le Grand Benedict orders a dish consisting of poached eggs, ham and sauce Hollandaise. In 1894 the wealthy stockbroker Lemuel Benedict asks the chef at the Waldorf in New York to make him something to ease his hangover, consisting of toast, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. 

I got my version of Sauce Hollandaise from Rodney Rodriguez, who joined me as a Sous-chef for the occasion one night while cheffing a dinner on location.

Here is his version of the famous sauce, with my own twist added in red.


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